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Collection "Laura" - Glass Art in Extraordinary Style

In the "Laura" collection, we showcase unique vases and vessels that combine the art of glass with extraordinary design. Our products are hand-blown from eco-friendly glass, ensuring not only an aesthetic appearance but also environmental care.

In our range, you'll find:

  • Square-shaped jar vases with sturdy walls. They are available in picturesque colors such as amber, purple, blue, or ash gray. A perfect choice for lovers of unconventional decorative solutions.
  • Bottle-shaped vases that captivate with both design and a subtle blue color. Each of them is hand-blown, making it unique.
  • Globe-shaped vases with an original cork closure. They are not only beautiful but also practical. Available in Taupe color, they complement various arrangements.
  • Jar-shaped vases crafted with attention to every detail. You can choose from olive or amber colors, which add a unique character to your interior.

The "Laura" collection pays homage to beauty and functionality. Our products are the perfect complement for fresh flowers, cut flowers, as well as arrangements with dried and artificial plants. Add a unique charm to your interior while also taking care of our planet by choosing products made from eco-friendly glass. Discover our collection today and create unforgettable arrangements.