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Collection "Lofti" - Glass in Loft Style

The "Lofti" collection pays tribute to the raw and industrial loft style that has fascinated enthusiasts of modern design for years. Our vases from this collection are unique works of art that blend simplicity and ruggedness with elegance.

In the "Lofti" offering, you'll find:

  • Jar-shaped vases with thick walls made from eco-friendly glass. They have a sturdy construction that captivates with their simplicity and ruggedness.
  • Jar-shaped vases made from eco-friendly glass but adorned with a concrete-style paint. This combination delicately merges the fragility of glass with the ruggedness of concrete, creating a fascinating contrast.
  • Jar-shaped vases with a decorative concrete-style paint. These are a choice for those who value originality and a unique look. Each vase in this series is handmade, making it one-of-a-kind.

The "Lofti" collection is an excellent choice for fans of the loft style and individuals seeking distinctive accents in interior decor. These vases are not only practical but also full of character and expression. Bring the raw elegance of the loft style into your home with the "Lofti" collection.