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Collection "Linda" - Elegant Glass Vases Made from Eco-Friendly Glass

In the "Linda" collection, we invite you to discover unique vases that combine beauty and ecology. Our products are true works of art made from eco-friendly glass, making them not only exceptionally aesthetic but also environmentally friendly.

In our range, you'll find a variety of vases, including:

  • Jar-shaped vases that are hand-blown and made from eco-friendly glass with a smoky hue.
  • Square vases with thick walls, painted in a smoky, transparent color. This unique combination offers both sturdiness and elegance.
  • Smoked vases that represent the hottest trend in home decor. Their subtle charm makes them a perfect addition to any interior.
  • Vases painted with matte blue paint, which are not only beautiful but also eco-friendly, made from recycled glass.
  • Sets of vases painted with matte blue paint, allowing you to create enchanting decorative compositions.

Our "Linda" collection combines exceptional design, environmental consciousness, and functionality. By choosing our vases, you'll bring a unique ambiance to your space while supporting a responsible approach to the environment. Explore our offerings today and discover the beauty of eco-friendly glass at its finest.