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Collection "Susan" - Art and Ecology in One

In the "Susan" collection, we aim to share our passion for glass art and our concern for the natural environment. Our products, hand-blown from eco-friendly glass, represent a fusion of aesthetics and a sustainable lifestyle.

Our range includes a variety of products, such as:

  • Minimalistic designed plant pots that not only enhance the charm of your plants but also support the concept of ecology.
  • Unique vases, hand-blown and made from eco-friendly glass, which express our love for glass art.
  • Footed vases that combine functionality with elegance while prioritizing environmental consciousness.
  • Classic vases in various shapes, showcasing exceptional glass craftsmanship.
  • Globe-shaped vases in an elegant white color, hand-blown, making them incredibly unique.
  • Bottle-shaped vases in a warm brown color that captivate with both design and an ecological approach.

The "Susan" collection is a proposal for those who want to introduce not only beauty and unique style into their interior but also care for our planet. Our products blend art and ecology, creating a one-of-a-kind combination. Explore our collection today and be inspired by the fusion of aesthetics with sustainable development.